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TV is Lit?

When the cool kids leave the room, things can get lost in translation. Recently, to describe the upcoming tv lineup, this newspaper thought they would try some happenin’ lingo. The front page reads, “TV IS LIT, ‘YO!” (See photo) This is a prime example of people doing too much; trying to “fit it” when it’s […]


Racist on the Bus

A female bus rider decided to take it upon herself to start a barrage of insults towards the bus driver whom we’re assuming was African-American. She uses the word NIGGER repeatedly and is unrelenting until she gets off the vehicle. I mean, really dude, if you have such a problem with black folk, why ride […]


Getting Rid Of Bedbugs At Low Cost

Bedbugs are growing in population at an alarming rate. They are becoming more than the pests from the saying, “Sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite.” These bloodsuckers are effecting lives and homes across the country and costing people hundreds of dollars to get rid of them. Dr. Roberto M. Pereira, Associate Research Scientist at […]