I Mean, Really Dude is all about satire baby!!!


The Beginning

It all started as a saying. Whenever writer Trina Lynne would show a massive amount of sarcasm during conversations, she would utter the words, “Really Dude” or any of the variations which included I mean, really dude.

In 2012, IMRD was born through the frustration of watching the mainstream media at work. To vent, creator Trina Lynne began a Facebook group where she would post comments and questions about the things that irritated her. What she didn’t expect was the interest of others. And with that, the website was born.

The IMRD website, which was originally hosted by another company, received over 500,000 views over the past few years but Trina Lynne wasn’t satisfied with the results and opted for more exposure. So she switched hosting services and added a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram handles to the mix.


What We’re All About

Unless you’re living under a rock you know all the shenanigans that go on within mainstream media. They tell you what they want you to know and hope you don’t have an opinion. Too bad for them we have TONS of opinions about everything and everybody.

We’re not trying to judge anyone because that would be wrong (blank stare). We are, however trying to open your mind and draw your attention to our sometimes ludicrous reality. And we try to ease really tense situations.

Nothing we say should be taken too seriously. We’re open to the criticism that comes with saying the things we tend to utter when people aren’t paying full attention.

We must be honest about one thing. While we tend to make light of most things, some subjects are touchy for us and others. Be sure to read between the line as we’re not trying to offend anyone…..well….maybe a little depending on who it is.


You Either Love ME or Leave ME Alone

We love the support shown. It just makes the day go by so much more smoothly. If everyone could love us as much as we love ourselves, the world would be a better place. Honestly.

We are very aware and have already mentioned, the criticism we open ourselves up for. One thing WILL NOT be tolerated, though – The blatant disrespect of anyone affiliated with IMRD and those we support. There’s no need for childish, racist or bigoted remarks. (Note: As we typed the previous sentence we were well aware that it will not stop the trolls) Truthfully, dudes, it’s all in good fun so keep it cool.


There is a Point to All Of This

Unlike those who have nothing better to do but ridicule anyone who opposes their thought process, we actually have a goal. That goal is, by using comedy and a lot of sarcasm, we can open up the lines of communication where there isn’t any or it’s limited.

We want a better world, one smart ass comment at a time.