Sound Off!!!

Please, Kill Yourself: An Open Letter

The world is a vampire, sent to drain. Secret destroyers, hold you up to the flames. “Bullets With Butterfly Wings” ~The Smashing Pumpkins

To Whom It May Concern,

You can only go so long in silence. Some people ignore the need to speak up and others stand for what’s right.

With that being said, IMRD will address some folks about their behavior and this is just the beginning……

  • For all those who feel all Muslims are terrorists, please, kill yourself. No. Seriously. I mean, really dude, do you honestly believe the billions of Muslims in the world sit around and conspire to take you out? Don’t you think, considering Islam is the second largest religion in the world, if they wanted you snuffed out, it could happen? Terrorists are those who insight fear into others and there are plenty of groups that do just this in their entirety. However, Islam is not one of these groups and all Muslims should not be blamed for the actions of some extremists.
  • For all those who feel that America shouldn’t admit Syrian refugees who are fleeing their country. Please, by any means, kill yourself. These people have every right to seek sanctuary and feel safe. Why should the refugees suffer because of this countries’ media-driven hatred and prejudices. You aren’t any type of religious if you oppose helping these people when you’re supposed to love thy neighbor. None of us has the right to even open our mouths about their possible acceptance into the U.S. considering each and every one of us is a descendant of an emigrant. Unless your lineage leads to a Native American tribe, this country does not belong to you. I mean, really dude, imagine if the Indians weren’t accepting foreigners and stood at their borders with guns.

    • For all those who agree with the bigotry that flies out of Donald Trumps’ mouth, please, kill yourself as well. This man has no business leading or trying to lead any country, anywhere ever. Honestly, he is more like the Scarecrow, “If he only had a brain…..” People like Trump should be condemned in a country where they say that all are equal. However, the Donald is allowed to spout his prejudices on national television. And b.t.w. SNL: You suck for letting him be on your show. I mean, really dude, thanks for ruining our Saturday nights.

    • For all those who agree with ANY of the Republican candidates for president, please, quickly kill yourself. How can any of these people be considered as Commander-in-Chief? This lovely bunch spend their debates spewing venom and hatred that will push the US further into solitude from the rest of the world. Many of these wannabe leaders back policies that are baffling and laughable at best. I mean, really dude, not one of them has an intelligent bone in their bodies. If they all link together they still wouldn’t form a fully functioning brain.

    • For all those who felt that we should have prayed for Africa OR Paris after the terror attacks, bite me and then kill yourself. Trying to make a distinction between which country to pray for is just downright ignorant. F.Y.I: it’s just as racist as the racism you say you’re fighting against by acknowledging the media’s oversight. You aren’t any better than any other bigot if you feel that you have to point out that no one is praying for the black country. I mean, really dude, why don’t you say a prayer for this entire world because it is hugely messed up.

    • For all the people who feel that Black Lives Matter means that other lives do not matter. Ha, you guessed it…kill yourself. The purpose of the movement is to draw the attention that is needed in the worldwide community. The blatant disrespectful treatment of African Americans is absolutely despicable and must be openly addressed. Of course all lives matter but it seems that black ones matter way less. I mean, really dude, if you are so blind by your own ignorance that you truly believe the organization cares only for black lives, you may want to reassess your belief system.
    On the contrary

    • For all those who chant Black Lives Matter and don’t do anything positive for your community….kill yourself twice. If you know that you are a part of the problem don’t hide behind a movement that is trying to protect those who are unjustly murdered and persecuted. Also, don’t use the demonstrations to be just as racist as the people you are speaking out against. I mean, really dude, it is counterproductive when you use Black Lives Matter to spew hatred and negative propaganda.

    • For all those people who feel that it is okay to attack and protest Planned Parenthood, get a life and then please, kill yourself. Do you know that Planned Parenthood does more than make it possible for women to have abortions? This organization helps families plan for parenthood. Duh. Also, they offer services which help people who really need it such as birth control and STD testing. I mean, really dude, making the people who go to these facilities fear their lives makes you a terrorist. Point blank.

    And for the record

    • For all those who feel that women shouldn’t get abortions because an egg is a living thing as soon as it is fertilized. Please, kill yourself until you can’t kill yourself anymore. Women should have the right to choose what goes on with their bodies. How the hell can anyone tell that little girl who’s being raped by her Uncle or that young woman sexually assaulted on her way home from work she has to carry the perpetrators baby because abortions are so wrong? You don’t know what these women are going through. Now, I don’t agree with willy-nilly aborting children, but it is a woman’s choice. And trust me, this is not an easy choice to make. I mean, really dude, you can’t oppose abortions and support the death penalty. I’m just saying.

    • For all those who feel that you can bully people into not saying what they truly feel a.k.a the LGBT Community, kill yourself as many times as you see fit. While I do not agree with anyone being malicious to any race, religion, creed, etc, I do not agree with bullies either. It is unfair that people have to tightrope around how they truly feel about the images and information that effect them and their children. Hatred is not okay, but getting all riled up and bent out of shape every time someone opposes your ideals is just childish. I have to respect your feelings but you can’t respect mine. Everyone is not going to agree with everything all the time. I mean, really dude, here’s a thought: I’m straight and no one cares, you’re gay and no one cares….

    • For all those who only treat people with kindness and give to others during the “holiday season”, kill yourself, come back next year and kill yourself again. You should help others all year around. Do you know that if more people treated everyone with good will on earth all the time maybe we would be happier as a people. The homeless and less fortunate deserve help regardless of the time of year. It’s not something you should do only around the holidays to cure your conscious before the new year comes in. I mean, really dude, imagine you needed help and the only time people were even half concerned with you was for one month out of a year. Bet you wouldn’t feel too great, but it couldn’t happen to you, could it?

    Now by all means, we at IMRD don’t intend for any of these groups of people to actually commit suicide. The intention is, however, to point out the idiocies and ironies of many beliefs. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but some thought processes degrade others, show ignorance and/or are extremely prejudice.

    IMRD will always stand up and sound the alarm. We will not sit quietly and allow the assholes to run the asylum any longer.

    If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

    Many of you may disagree with the things said and if so, you can tell us in the comments below. However, if there is any agreement we would love to hear from you too.

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    Until next time,

    Be cool dudes!

    Trina Lynne, Founder & CEO of I Mean, Really Dude (IMRD)