Philadelphia Police Arrest Man For $2.25

When things happen in Philly, there’s that “Not Again” feeling. Today is no different. Video surfaced on World Star Hip Hop showing police arrest a man for not paying his daughter’s fare.

Philadelphia’s mass transportation system, SEPTA, charges $2.25 for a single ride. The man had apparently paid his fare but not the fare for his daughter, who can’t be more than 2 or 3 years of age. He was arrested on the EL train while holding the child.

Here’s the thing.

As far as I knew. children under 6 years old rode SEPTA free. Maybe that rule has changed. However, when is it necessary to call the police in this scenario?

In the SEPTA stations you can’t get through the turn-style without payment unless you hop it. This means that the man probably went through using a token or transpass while holding the child and whomever was in the ticket booth saw him.

The clerk at the booth could have let it slide because, well, it’s a kid and surely SEPTA isn’t going broke from her nonpayment. But they decided to, of all things, call the police.

Amazingly, the police decided not only was this offence worth being arrested for but they would do so in a way that will haunt that sweet baby for a long time.

I mean, really dude, I don’t know who’s the biggest DOUCHE in this situation, the SEPTA clerk or the arresting officers.