Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Martin Luther King Jr.

Photo Credit: News Pictures/WENN

Nothing rubs me the wrong way than Hollywood’s view of Black actors. While no one wants to believe that racism still exists, it’s hard to believe when things like this happen.

The Nerd News reported, in a new movie about Martin Luther King Jr. producers felt that it was an awesome idea to cast Leonardo DiCaprio, wearing black face, as the great civil rights leader. The claim is that Hollywood should not have to “limit itself to the small group of black actors”.  Really? Seriously?

Don’t get me wrong. DiCaprio is a hell of an actor and has paid his dues. However, there are so many black actors that would be great for such a role and not just the typical ones we are familiar with. There are new, up and coming actors that would benefit from such a historic role.

As a people, we stand up against racial violence and the such. We stand together, all races, creeds, and socioeconomic backgrounds, when a visible injustice occurs. If this is NOT an injustice, I don’t know what is.

I mean, really dude, if we stand by and allow a white man to be cast in black face as one of the world’s greatest African-American leaders, this country is more messed up than I thought.

What do you think?