Pull Up Your Pants

Several towns across the U.S. are banning baggy/sagging pants including Wildwood, New Jersey and Moultrie, Georgia. Individuals will be fined starting at $25 and upwards to $200 if they are caught with their pants below the waist especially if their underwear is visible.

Thank Goodness.

The sagging pants fashion trend has annoyed me for as long as it’s been going on. It really irks me when females, taking on the male persona, allow their pants to sag. So unladylike.

It’s even more irritating when people’s pants are low and they have the nerve to have a belt on. It’s almost like, “Why do you have on a belt if your butt is still going to be showing”.

 I mean, really dude, there is nothing more unattractive than a man with his underwear showing and he’s walking as if he has to take a poo.