Is Hip Hop In Or Out Of Control

IMRD posted a new page the other day with the conversations that have stemmed from and the responses to Kendrick Lamar’s verse from the song Control. It’s been a very long a tiring process due to everyone coming out of the wood work.

Like we stated before, Kendrick’s verse has done wonders for hip hop. It actually got people talking about it in a way that I have not seen since the 1990’s. For over a decade, hip hop has been in and out of comas and has been in desperate need of resuscitation.

It’s incredible, really.

All it took was one guy stepping out of the pack and throwing down the gauntlet. Kendrick has challenged artists to stop being so gimmicky and put their focus into the bars. Hopefully, more cool verses will continue to surface, but more than that the hope is that it transfers over to good music.

As the freestyles come in, we will continue to add them to the list. I mean, really dude, people are popping up from no where.