Walmart: A Popular Dance Site

An epidemic has occurred, and not a good one either. Young girls and women have taken to Walmart to show their skills.

No. It’s not a new dance show sweeping the nation. However, it does take “ratchet” to another level.

In this video a “grandmother” apparently gets a good deal. I mean, really dude, you can’t beat those low, low prices.

This next contestant trying to get Walmart Twerk of the Year is a woman who doesn’t discriminate against the products in her video shot. She dances by the cakes, milk and even bacon. I mean, really dude, I guess they do say food is the way to a man’s heart.

Groups are better in this next video. They actually have a routine going on. I mean, really dude, I think your steps were a bit out of sync.

There is more mayhem out there. People who just would love to wear that Walmart Dancer of the Month t-shirt are taking shopping experiences to a new level. I mean, really dude, who will be next at the country’s new dance studio.