Joe Budden vs. Consequence

At the taping of the Love & Hip Hop Reunion, things got a little ugly between Consequence and Joe Budden. The two hadn’t seen each other since Joe smoothly approached Consequence (below) after comments he had made during the show and in an interview on The Breakfast Club morning show.

Many lost respect for Consequence after this confrontation, so I guess the next step was to get his cred back.

During a break in the taping of the reunion, Consequence apparently ran up behind Joe Budden and smacked him upside the head. Then he dipped off, but not before Tahiry got a piece of him.

After doing so he sent a tweet out stating he had just smacked Joe. During the fiasco Joe Budden managed to call Angie Martinez of Hot 97 and relay what had just occurred.

Below is what happened after the L&HH reunion taping. I mean, really dude, Consequence wrote a check his mouth couldn’t cash – reality shows make people show their ass.