Grand Theft Auto Comes To Life

A couple decided to bring a video game to real life. Or at least that’s how it seemed.

While a Camden Police Officer was making a traffic stop in front of Camden Police Headquarters, Shayna Sykes and a male jumped into the officer’s cruiser and took off. They led police on a high speed chase that led across the Ben Franklin Bridge before the car was crashed.

It didn’t end there.

After crashing the police car, the woman fled the car, leaving the male passenger inside. The 23-year-old then decided to steal yet another police cruiser. This time it was a Philadelphia police car. After hitting several cars and a pedestrian during another chase, the woman was finally stopped and apprehended.

Two high speed chases branching across two states is absolutely ridiculous. I mean, really dude, talk about bringing Grand Theft Auto to life

A couple do a mode