Richard Sherman vs. Skip Bayless

On ESPN’s First Take, Richard Sherman totally goes in on Skip Bayless. It’s honestly quite hilarious. I’m a sport’s fan and watch the show most mornings (when I can bring myself to overlook the redundancy of topics). Skip usually rubs me the wrong way, so for someone like Richard Sherman to come at Skip’s neck made me feel kind of good inside.

Now, some people are calling what Sherman did arrogant. Or the pot calling the kettle black by stating that Skip was pompous. Truth be told, however, others believe that Skip needed this kind of blow to his credibility.

Skip Bayless has a tendency to be really annoying about certain things. He will constantly verbally assault players believing that because they are in the limelight of sports, he has every right to do so. I guess it’s because he’s a sports critic and all.

Seriously though, I would have liked to see a regular interview and banter between the debaters, but this was interesting. I mean, really dude, all that’s going to happen is Skip will make sure he’s never on First Take again. (anyone seen Jalen Rose lately)