Gang Members and the KKK Team Up

Wait a minute. WTH? In Memphis, there are plans for a KKK rally within the next 30 days. The Grape Street Crips and a KKK group in Alabama are teaming up together to protest the KKK rally set for next month in Memphis.

Memphis native, Dujuan Horton heard about the upcoming rally and made a video speaking out against it. The video caught the attention of many, including Bradley Jenkins who is planning to stand with Horton.

Aside from this unusual partnership, there is something else confusing about the whole thing. Bradley Jenkins, Imperial Wizard of the United Klan of America, states that “…no matter what color they be, in today’s society hate and racism have no place.” The purpose of the odd couple is, if not to stop it, to maintain peace during the upcoming rally.

I’m sorry but I am all the way lost. Are we truly and honestly talking about the Ku Klux Klan standing together with black gang members? The same Klan who have carried out hate crimes for decades upon decades? The same gang that is notorious for its violence against anyone who is not a part of their ranks?. Seriously? I mean, really dude, all I can say is that I guess Dr. King would be proud.

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