Transgender First Grader?

A school in Denver, Colorado banned a transgender 6-year-old 1st grader from going to the girls’ restroom, which caused the family to file a civil suit. Coy Mathis, who was born a boy, lives life as a girl. In the press conference below Kathryn Mathis, the mother of the 1st grader, explains the entire situation.

Supposedly, when Coy was 18-months he would emulate a girl. Throughout the mom’s explanation she talks about her son as if he were her daughter saying words like  “she” and “her”. Ms. Mathis and her family are upset because of the ban and feel that it will cause issues for Coy.

First off, isn’t this little boy only 6? Seriously, how can a child as young as 18 months know enough about sexuality that they could make such a decision as wanting to be the opposite sex? And what about the other students in the school?

It is imposing on the rights of those children and their parents to want this type of behavior to occur. A person can choose whatever they want to be, but to be angry with the school for discontinuing the use of the girl’s bathroom by a boy is ridiculous.

Truth be told, the school was allowing the child to use the girls’ restroom and stopped. Meaning it brought some level of discomfort among enough people to change what was going on.

Their son may dress like a girl but that doesn’t mean he’s all girl. I mean, really dude, if he still has/had a penis I don’t know any parent that would be comfortable with their 6-year-old daughter being in the same bathroom as him.

The Riddle of Gender: Science, Activism, and Transgender Rights