How To Take A Child From A School

Today, I found out how a child can get stolen from a school. Only a week after the Nailla Robinson incident the School District of Philadelphia still hasn’t learned.

I went to a school today.

The sign on the visitors’ entrance door stated that you had to ring the bell to get buzzed in. I pulled the handle, after not being able to locate the bell, and found the door was open, so I proceeded inside.

When I approached the table where parents/visitors sign in there was a woman sitting there. Her back was to me and she had earphones in. So I say, “Excuse me.” She didn’t respond. I said this 3 more times to try to get her attention, waving my hand as well.

The woman finally turns around and says, “Oh. I’m sorry I didn’t notice you. Girl, these kids get on my nerves.” She laughs as she takes the earphones out.

I just smile and ask, “Is this where I sign in?”

She says, “Oh. Yeah.” She proceeds to put her earphones back in and turns away from me.

I sign my name and put the time of my arrival, 11:20, as the sheet asks. The woman isn’t paying me any attention, and honestly, if I wanted to, I could have entered the school without any argument from her. However, all I wanted was to go to the office.

Once again, I have to get her attention. “Is the office right there?”

She can’t hear me and has to take the earphones out. “What did you say?” She laughs again.

“Is that the office,” I say pointing at the door a  little ways behind her.

“Oh. Yea, that’s the office.” And puts the earphones back in.

Walking around the table, I notice that there is no one in the office as I approach the door. Proceeding inside, I’m met with an empty room. Everyone seems to be having some conversation in a room further over. A woman finally notices me and says, “Can I help you?”

I explained what I needed and she says she has to go get someone else to help me. I say, “Okay” and continue to wait. Minutes later, another woman comes out and asks can she help me. I tell her my problem and she in turn tells me she has to go get the person who I can talk to.

I wait again.

Standing at first, I glance outside the window that looks out onto the hallway. The woman at the sign in table still has her back to the front door as a delivery man walks right past her. She says nothing to him. Her head is steady bopping to the music. No one is in the office with me, aside from a random teacher coming to get mail and leaving.

I decide to sit.

After about 15 minutes goes by someone finally comes in to talk to me. While I’m trying to explain the issue I could tell the woman didn’t want to be bothered, not just with me, but with anyone. As we talk, she keeps looking at the door as if she has somewhere more important to be.

Once we’re done, I thank the woman for her time and she immediately leaves the office. As I leave from the room, the woman from the front desk is now off to the side talking on her phone, paying zero attention to if anyone is coming or going.

Leaving out the same door I came in I called a friend to explain what just happened. As I stand in front waiting for my ride to arrive I notice a security guard get out of his car.

I had been standing out front for a few minutes and realized I hadn’t seen a guard the whole time. As he approaches the entrance he proceeds to unravel earphones. At another glance I figure out that he’s the school’s security guard. He hadn’t been in the school the whole 45 minutes I was there.

This incident just goes to show how easy it is to take a child. No one seemed to notice I was there the entire time. I had to make my presence known. The security guard wasn’t even in the building. I mean, really dude, how many children have to go missing before something is really done to ensure the safety of our children.

Photo by creativedoxfoto and FreeDigitalPhotos.net