How Old Are You Again?

So, on my way home yesterday I encounter five girls waiting for the same bus I was waiting for. Sadly I didn’t get a picture of them, but I will tell you about the very very awkward conversation they were having. In the middle of a conversation about school, Girl #1 says, “So what’s going on with our bet?” The girls begin to giggle and thats when a totally inappropriate conversation erupted. This is how it went:

Girl #2: Jayvon is so sexy and I know he wants me. I will be winning this bet.

Girl #1: Whatever you say. I already have two of them in the bag. Michael is coming over my house tonight for another round. I’m gonna pop a hole in the condom so I’ll win.

Girl #3: *looks at Girl #2* Well me and Jayvon have already had sex and we will this weekend. *Looks at girl #1* Tomorrow will be the day that I win and both of you are going to have to pay me a stack each.

Girl #4 & Girl #5: What are you guys talking about? What bet?

Girl #2: Oh, we made a bet to see who can get pregnant by one of the seniors first. Whoever wins gets $100 from each of the losers.

Girl #5: How old are you guys again?

Girl #3: We’re all 15

Now I wasn’t eavesdropping but it was pretty hard to sit on that Philadelphia SEPTA bus without hearing everything they were talking about. Everyone practically heard them. What I’m getting at is that 15 year-olds were conversing about who would get pregnant first. That is insane. Why these girls would want to get pregnant at such a young age is beyond me.

I mean really dude? Did you really make a competition out of that ??