Child Abducted From Philadelphia School

As of yesterday morning, 5 year old Nailla Robinson was found after an amber alert went out the night before in the area. The child was abducted from a Philadelphia school  less than 10 minutes after her mother dropped her off for the day. An unidentified woman proceeded to check the child out, walk to Nailla’s classroom and asked the substitute who was covering for the child by name. Ironically, when the little girl was found she claimed she did not know the woman who took her. Apparently, a teen took the child from the home in which she was taken to in the middle of the night, and dropped her off at a playground; maybe out of fear or rather sympathy.

 This was a MAJOR breech in school policy and procedures when it comes to picking up a child. Someone in the front office did not follow the rules. Also, the person who took the child knows a lot about a child who doesn’t know her.

I mean, really dude, how’d this woman know when the child would be dropped off, that there was a substitute in the classroom, the child’s whole name, and wore garbs similar to that of the mother?

Thank God for the safe return of this child.