Say What?!?

Here’s a scenario that just blew my mind. I really want some feedback from YOU, the fans of I Mean, Really Dude on the matter.

Picture this:

Say you’ve just lost EVERYTHING.

A “friend” offers to help you out with a place to stay, so on and so forth. For certain reasons it would behoove you to reside in the county you are in for easy access to the life that you worked so hard to build. You know, pick up the pieces.

Now, family and friends are trying to help you get back on your feet in different ways, but because they live in the city it would require you to travel.

No problem.

You can get up enough money to catch the train, which should at least get you to family and friends.It’s a long ride to and from, but it allows that time you need to mellow out from all the trauma of the previous weeks.

Once you get to the city, you can get money for a week’s transportation to and from job interviews and the such. You can also possibly get necessities such as business attire.

By the time you get back to your current place of residency there is an almost 100% chance you will be put out on the street by said “friend” who knows your situation.

 This is no joke. This is an actual scenario.

I mean, really dude, am I wrong to be annoyed by these shenanigans?