Obama: A Failed President

President Barack Obama is being called a failed president. I mean, really dude? He’s failing?

Considering the big changes that have been made in a span of 4 years makes me feel like he’s had an amount of success even though his policies are challenged at every single last turn.

I remember a certain former president who was in charge for 8 years, sent this country down the tube and was rarely challenged. In fact, “rules and regulations” discouraged folks from outwardly opposing this former runner of our country.

I mean, really dude. Remember the Dixie Chicks?

However, Obama is constantly contested and disrespected but manages to do his job. Pushing those you are in charge of to a more positive light is far from failing at your job.

I mean, really dude. It took 8 years to break this country down financially, politically, morally, and a ton of other -lys. The past 4 years have been a bit more pleasant but it has some ways to go.

To fail, Obama would have to not be elected another term. Otherwise, all his efforts will be for naught because we all know whoever comes after will unravel everything he’s done.

I mean, really dude; let President Obama do what he needs to do. And if he receives more support in his efforts to bring a more positive view of our country, he’ll be able to do even more.

He may not be perfect, but I mean, really dude who the hell is?